Club By-Laws




1. The election of officers by secret ballot shall be held within the month of December of each year at a date most convenient to comply with current events. Nominees shall be bona fide members of at least six months in good standing and active service with the club. Newly elected officers shall take over their duties on the first of January of each year.

2. Membership, shooting, and tournament fees shall be fixed by the Board of Directors.

3. The fiscal year of this organization shall begin on the first of January of each year.

4.The club members shall elect or direct the President to appoint special committees as may be necessary for special assignments.

5. All monies with accounting or itemizing from events, tournament dues, and funds from sales of all kinds shall be turned over to the Treasurer before the regular meeting of each month.

6. No intoxicating beverages of any kind will be allowed at any club activity and also any persons entering on or attempting to participate at any club activity while under the influence of intoxicants or drugs will be subject to and at the discretion of the officals be expelled from the grounds without refund to the offending participant.

7. Any condition, attitude, practice of equipment which are in any degree termed unsafe are prohibited. Repetition after one warning by a club official will require the offending person or persons to be expelled from the grounds without refund to the offending participant.

8. Persistence in misconduct, obscene language, discourteous or unsportsmanlike conduct by any person is prohibited. Repetition after one warning from club officer or tournament official shall be considered grounds for expulsion from the grounds without refund to the offending participants.

9. Any member who does not attend at least three regular scheduled club events or does not contribute his fair share of work assignments when asked to do so for three consecutive times in any one year without acceptable reason or good cause ( illness or employment, etc.) will be subject to explusion and dismissal from the club the following year upon recommendation and discretion of the members decided by a majority of votes held by a secret ballot at any meeting.

10. Annual membership dues become due and payable the first of January. A sixty day grace period shall be given for payment. Members not paying within this period shall loose their membership.

11. Any officer of this organization can be removed from office by a two thirds vote of members present at a special meeting held for this purpose. Votes shall be cast by secret ballot.

12. All members shall have a copy of this organization's prevailing Constitution and By-Laws. New members, upon joining the club, shall also be issued a copy of the current Constitution and By-Laws.

13. The preceding Constitution and By-Laws voted on and passed into immediate effect this date, February, 12, 1981.