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                                                    ARTICLE I



The name of this organization shall be Cherokee Bow Hunters Club.


                                                  ARTICLE II




The purpose of this organization shall be: To foster, expand, and perpetuate the practice of all phases of archery in good faith and to promote good fellowship and true sportsmanship; to promote and encourage bow hunting and cooperate with all conservation organizations; maintain a field course and conduct field tournaments and practice; endeavor to build better relationships between other archery and sportsman's clubs; also to build and maintain good relationships between land owners and bow hunters and attempt to secure through cooperation better hunting privileges for archers.


                                                 ARTICLE III


To insure a fair enjoyment of archery activities and tournament competition, a high degree of personal courtesy, and sportsmanship is enjoined and entrusted upon all of this organization's members. Unsportsmanlike or discourteous conduct is an unwanted offense against other persons engaging in the sport of archery and is detrimental to the heritage of dignity and tradition which is an integral part of this sport.


                                                ARTICLE IV


                                             Saftey Standards


To insure the highest possible saftey standards for this club's activities, every precaution will be taken. Saftey standards have precedence over all other rules or considerations. It shall be the responsibility of every officer and member of this organization to insist upon strict maintenance of all saftey standards at all times.


                                                ARTICLE V




Membership will be extended to anyone upon application and payment of regular annual dues, and upon approval by the majority of votes at a regular meeting. Any member found guilty of conduct detrimental or contrary to the rules and regulations, intrests, principles, or property of this prganization may be expelled from the club by a majority vote (51%) of the membership held by secret ballot. Illegal actions or law breaking in connection with archery or bow hunting such as game poaching, illegal hunting, and etc. may also be considered grounds for expulsion from the club.


                                                 ARTICLE VI


                                                Club Meetings


This organization shall hold and conduct meetings in a parliamentary and democratic procedure and manner to be chaired by the President. A regular monthly meeting (date and time to be fixed by the Board of Directors) will be held and a report given to the members by all club officers as to the progress and planning of all activities and operations of the organization pertaining to all of its intrests. No meeting will be held unless two (2) officers and three(3) members are present. This will constitute a quorum.


                                                ARTICLE VII


                                                 Club Officers


The officers of this organization shall consist of:


                   A. President

                   B. Vice President

                   C. Recording Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer

                   D. Two (2) Range Captains


                                               ARTICLE VIII


                                        Duties of the Club Officers


PRESIDENT - The President shall preside at all meetings, act as a chairman of all committees and meetings, appoint persons and all committees for club duties, assign work to other officers and club members pursuant to the operations and activities of the club as may be necessary; and appoint officers during the year in case a post is vacated until the annual election meeting is held. He will also perform all other duties pertaining to his office.

VICE PRESIDENT - The Vice President shall assist the President in any manner or do anything that he may be asked to do by the President. He shall perform the duties of the President if he is unable to act. The Vice President will also assist any of the other officers if he is asked to do so, providing he is not acting as President.

RECORDING SECRETARY, SECRETARY, TREASURER - The Secretary shall write and keep on file all minutes of the regular club meetings, serve all notices of club meetings, and complete and mail all notices of future club activities and schedules. He shall receive all monies of the organization. He shall keep accurate records of the receipts and disbursements of funds, also make an accurate and up to date report at the club meetings of all transactions and the financial status of the club proper to the current date of each meeting. He shall write and sign all checks(with the President) to make all payments for the club business.

RANGE CAPTAINS - The Range Masters shall inspect and evaluate the field range preceding each season, before each shoot, or periodically through the season making sure the range is safe and conforms to all rules and regulations governing registered tournaments. They shall also report to the President and the club members their findings of any work, changes, adjustments, or rearrangements in ample time so that this work or these corrections, changes, or adjustments can be completed before shooting schedules begin. Also the Range Master shall supply to the President a correct list of the proper amount and types of targets that will be needed for all events well in advance of the scheduled tournaments and activities.


                                              ARTICLE IX


                                            Advisory Board


This organization shall have a Board of Directors. It will consist of the President, Vice President, and three (3) elected members of the club. The duties of the Board shall be to negotiate with other clubs, land owners, and organizations the business, intrests, policies, activities, and schedules of this organization as decided and directed by the club members. Final acceptance and approval of negotiations and decisions (unless otherwise approved previously) will be made by the club members. At any meeting of the Board of Directors at least three (3) members will constitute a quorum.


                                              ARTICLE X


                                      Decisions or Arguments


Decisions or arguments which may arise in conjunction with the clubs activities, policies, schedules, property, funds of intrests that are not regulated, controlled or governed by the clubs prevailing Constitution or By-Laws shall fall under the authority and jurisdiction of the club and its officals to be acted upon and settled at a club meeting. These settlements can then be entered into the By-Laws for up to date and future coverage keep pace with changing times if so decided.


                                               ARTICLE XI


It is the express duty of each officer to attend all regular meetings except for reasons of sickness, employment, or any other important reason acceptable to the President. It is their responsibility to notify the presiding officer prior to the beginning of a meeting that they are unable to attend.


                                               ARTICLE XII


This organizations Contitution and By-Laws are subject to amendment by a two thirds (2/3) vote of its adult membership at its annual election meeting or by a special meeting called for this purpose.