The Club

Since its foundation our club continues to welcome new members year after year. 


     The Cherokee Archery Club was established in 1975. The founders were Mr. Jack Shutt, President, Mr. Bill Murphy, Vice-President, and Mr. Dean Hayworth, Secretary/Treasurer. The first shoot was held at the Johnson County High School football field. All of the shooters used recurve bows.


     Over the past 40 years, the club has had the archery range in many locations; e.g.,

Doe Valley, Mountain City, behind Johnson County High School, and the Crackers Neck community.


      The club founders and members bought the current site of approximately 18 (+ -) acres. On February 12, 1981, The Cherokee Archery Club had a name change and became incorporated as: The Cherokee Bow Hunters Club, Inc., with the mailing address of Route 4, Box 10, Laurel Bloomery, TN 37680. The names of the incorporators were: Junior Eastridge, Jack Shutt, and Earl Gambill. Our current 911 address is: 394 Trout Run Road, Laurel Bloomery, TN 37680.


      During the year 2000, a project began to build an Indoor Archery Range - club house. The inmates from Northeast Correctional Complex with the permission of their Warden, Mr. Howard Carlton, performed all the labor and completed the erection of the 32' x 100' building in December 2000.


      In March of 2009, the members began construction of a 30' x 50' metal building to be able to increase the size of our indoor shooting facility. The new construction was finished just in time to start our 2010 indoor season.


      Since the beginning, the club has had members to win various awards; e.g., State Indoor Championships, State Outdoor Championships, Southeastern Indoor Championships, North American Outdoor Championships, the First North American Long Distance Championship, target distance was 200 yards, Shooter of the Year (ASA), receive sponsorships, etc.


      Our current 2015 officers 


Mr. Shane Pennington, President

Mr. J.W. Tester, Vice-President

Mr. Jerry Jordan, Treasurer

Mr. David (Buddy) Kirby, Secretary

Mr. Doug Calhoun, Range Captain

Mr. Michael Moody, Range Captain

Mr. Jamie Thomas, Range Captain


Our Board of Directors are:


Mr. Kevin Icenhour

Mr. Josh Bryant

Mr. Shane Jones





Our Club Officals

Don't hesitate to call us!

Shane Pennington, President

Phone: (423) 335-8437


JW Tester, Vice President

Phone: (423) 471-1273


David (Buddy) Kirby, Secretary

Phone:(423) 895-4233



Jerry Jordan, Treasurer

Phone: (423) 727-7238


Doug Calhoun, Range Captain

Phone: (336) 977-1864


Michael Moody, Range Captain

Phone: (423) 471-1680


Jamie Thomas , Range Captain

Phone : (423)- 471-0370

email :

Our Board of Directors

Josh Bryant, Board of Directors

Phone: (423) 895-1471


Mr. Shane Jones, Board of Directors



Kevin Icenhour, Board of Directors

Phone: (423) 534-1243